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The climate of Voneshta voda is temperate continental and is characterized by warm but not hot summers, relatively mild winters and lots of sunny fogless days. The air is clean and fresh. Summer time, especially at night, along the Belitsa and Raykovska rivers appear so-called mountain valley winds, which have a low rate and, like the sea breeze create coolness.

Rainfall during the year are moderate in quantity - about 650-750 mm / square meter per year. They during May, June and September. Sunny days are on average 200-220 per year with total solar radiation around 365 calories per square centimeter per day.

The average annual temperature is 9.5 ° C. The average lowest temperature in January is about -1.5 ° C, and the highest average temperature is about 20 ° C. Mists during the year are hardly falling. Snow cover lasts about 35-40 days. The humidity is moderate.

Beautiful scenery, clear mountain streams, clean and fresh air create the right conditions for rest, relaxation and entertainment, which is why the village is the subject of tourist visits and outings.

Mountain resorts up to 800m. altitude, as Voneshta voda, are characterized by moderate continental climate, with not very sharp weather changes which have beneficial effects on body. Under the influence of climatic factors is achieved overall toning and body strengthening, improvement and normalization of the functions and metabolic processes of all systems. Therefore, climatic factors are used not only to strengthen but also to treat various diseases.