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Massage is considered the most ancient form of therapy applied by humans. It is a scientific method, which includes treatment of surface zones of the body that may include muscles, tendon, joint connections, skin, joints or other connective tissues, as well as lymph vessels and the organs of the gastric - intestinal tract with physical, therapeutic and emotional goals.

The body of the patient is treated by rubbing, puddling, caressing and by vibrations. Massage is usually made to relieve pain, spasms, muscle stiffness, relief of anxiety, stress and pressure. It stimulates the blood circulation. Massage strengthens the immunological resistance and assists for the recovery of injuries of the soft tissues.

Massages - a valuable factor in the prophylaxis

Massages do not cure diseases or illnesses but are an excellent supplement to the healthcare. Massage is a valuable factor in prophylaxis and is of great importance for the complex treatment of numerous diseases.