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Therapeutic Centre

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a type of physical treatment that applies the methods of massage, gymnastics, etc.

Priorities of the physical therapy are prophylaxis and treatment of traumas of locomotor system, rheumatoid diseases, exchange diseases, diseases of nervous system, stress, osteoporosis and hypodynamia.

Physical therapy helps for recovery of muscles, bones and nervous systems by means of heat, cold, massage, hydro massage bath-tubs, ultrasound, exercises and other techniques. It aims to relived pain, to improve strength and mobility.

Physical therapy may be prescribed for recovery of the patient after amputations, arthritis, burns, cancer, cardiac diseases, diseases of the cervix and lumbar dysfunction, neurological problems, orthopaedic traumas, lung diseases, traumas of the spinal cord, brain stroke, brain trauma and other diseases. Physical therapy combines successfully natural and spa factors with the modern therapeutic means.